TBA - Advocaten

TBA-Advocaten is an independent law firm that specialises in business law.

Listen first, act second – that is how we take to heart any issues you have. Our approach is firm, fast and always cautious, and our aim is to provide tangible added value. It doesn’t matter if we’re giving you legal advice, counselling you or representing you in court, you can remain focussed on what really matters to you: the success of your business.

Our expertises

What we will do for you


Requesting legal advice on a proactive basis is always worth your while, as it allows you to act in good time and to assess your position and risks.


After a comprehensive analysis of what you wish to achieve and your position, we will draw up contracts that are both sound and tailored.


We will counsel you during negotiations, both during conflicts and otherwise. Because we are acting as your lawyer in these situations, we can communicate with the other parties on a strictly confidential basis.

Legal proceedings

We have a reputation to defend when it comes to arguing matters before the courts. Thanks to our services you can rely on a wide array of experience in respect of conducting and overseeing legal proceedings.