That is our approach

Transparent agreements and solution-focussed advice.

It all starts with a good conversation

You tell us – we ask questions and we listen. And that includes listening to what is not said. In that way we will understand exactly how matters stand and what is important to you. We are in contact with all those parties that can speak for your company.

Solution-focused and pragmatic

After our discussions we will map out a number of issues. Together we will go over the options, evaluate the pros and the cons and, where necessary, take further action. If the latter is the case, our ready expertise and comprehensive digitised documentation mean we can take action comprehensively and quickly. But rest assured that we will never stop focussing on quality and reliability too.

Simple and transparent

And that's not just in the way we work, but in financial aspects to: clear agreements and no unpleasant surprises. That means that all work and every expense is meticulously detailed and, should you wish, we can update you at periodic intervals. If you have any queries whatsoever, then contact us directly and we’ll soon be in touch.

Honest and correct

We’ll never tell you only what you want to hear – that will get you nowhere. We instead take on the role of your first judge and use that role to tell you, in an easily understandable manner, what your best course of action is.


Our roots lie in business law, which means that we can adopt a business-focussed and pragmatic approach together with you.


Where necessary, we work together with Belgian and foreign partners or with firms that you are already working with.